Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weight of Winter

This poem was based off of the style of Seamus Heaney, though I don't feel I did a very good job at imitating it. While I didn't base the subject on any of Heaney's poems, living in Rexburg means that winter and snow are always a topic of discussion. I had a very clear image of a minuscule twig on the side of a snow engorged mountain peak - an image that matched my feelings as an overwhelmed student from time to time. Too bad I wasn't trying to be symbolic, that could have worked! Here it is entitled 'Weight of Winter':

silence, stillness
a world of white forgetfulness
pressure builds upon a branch
unknown forces impose their will

voices and shadow carry through
an echo forever travels
the mountain and the fog,
bitter cold contracts the brow
of the yak

pressure builds upon the bough,
slender its strength is yielding,
gravity its tug-of-war,
through the blinding white
the clouds see nothing

the wind's moan is carried
from cliff to cliff,
picking a passenger it's cry
is multiplied, a highlight,
an unsettling cry

the branch has failed,
it's broken body
limps in it's former place,
pressure has released
unable the hang on,
silence, stillness
a world of white forgetfulness

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