Friday, July 30, 2010

My Lady Fair

I wrote this poem walking home from class one day. I remember I was walking behind my friend Donya (before we had actually met) and I was thinking of all of the women in my life, and what they were going through at the time. As I was thinking I became abstract and words started gliding around my mind. I liked the rhythm that started and I just kept going with it.

My lady fair, who walks alone
down slope and dewy dale,
why this hue upon thy skin?
For where once fairies glowed
is abandoned and left pale.

Jack Frost's own nymphs follow thee
and kiss thy hallowed face,
yet cannot cool the rage of fire
nor find its hidden base.

Why these wells, springing forth untamed,
that blind your sight with tempest's rage?
Lips, who's youth spoke love,
tremble now with age.

Why thy step hindered
by some fierce weight unseen,
though you smile with love sincere,
yet counterfeit in its gleam?

Do you not speak, angel fair,
of the troubles of mankind?
These woes that burden even
the strongest of our kind.

I am here, lady fair.
I listen and obey,
for my human heart rips and churns
when such beauty can give way.

I am here, angel blessed,
who thou hast favored high,
who thou hast given wings
and kindly taught to fly.

Lay on me, my lady fair,
your burdens and your woes,
for angels should ne'er be anchored
by fallen human woes.

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  1. I always thought it was about me ! sigh.....