Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fun Night Out

I haven't given much time to writing or drawing lately; actually not for a long time, a very long time. I just seem to be overly busy all the time and haven't figured out the balancing act yet. Last Friday I had a wonderful chance to get my creative groove on! Mom and Ashley found a place here in town called Wine and Design. They provide all the materials you would need to paint a picture and even some art instruction. You bring some refreshments and have a great time. I was able to go with Momma, Ashely, McKinley and Kari. It was so nice to go and have fun without worrying about making things perfect, or even good, but just enjoy painting. We had a blast, and it's inspired me to practice a lot more. I always seem to forget how much I love art until I come back to it. You think I would learn. I'm just glad it's always there waiting for me. Here's the picture I painted:

I hope we can go again soon!