Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I guess I can't avoid posting any longer. How long can you keep things shoved away in a notebook anyway?

As a preface, I've always liked to draw, and I even took a beginners class in college (I'm not sure I can count my middle school art class), but I've never developed as much as I wanted to. While I may, eventually, be able to call myself an artist (philosophical arguments of the title aside), I don't have the skills or knowledge to have confidence in the title now. That being said, I have tried to practice on my own, try new things and mediums, and learn what I can from books. I have posted some of these on our family blog, a very long time ago, but I'll post'em here just for fun. My first sketches were done in charcoal, so far my favorite medium. Man I love the mess! Getting black smudginess all over you while you blend with your fingers. Ah...good times.

I did most of these while in college as a stress relief. They were just out of my head. Lately, I haven't been brave enough to bring something this messy out where little hands could borrow some and practice on their own.

I use pencil most often. It's less messy and easier to put aside when you have to chase a toddler down. These first two are from an instruction book on how to draw heads, obviously. They're from the same picture but done a year or two apart. I wanted to sketch it again and see if there was a difference. I'm still not patient enough to sketch her hair in. Who knew hair was so hard!

This next one is a sketch of a wooden figurine I have. He's a praying Buddha. I never did finish his toes did I? I should have Derek post his sketch. He has a different style than I do, and he's much more skilled than I am. I do like his more, but I like to think mine has some merit too.

This next one is my first attempt as sketching a person from a photograph. The photo is from the Ensign, a conference edition, and I loved this lady's smile. I can now see some major flaws in my picture. Maybe I should try this one again too. You can only get better if you practice right?

And lastly, for now, a little bear cub. You know how you can sometimes see shapes in shadows, or wall textures, or other random places? I was sitting at the table, kind of staring of into space, when I noticed this image on the soft fabric of the back of our couch. I thought it was pretty cool so I grabbed a piece of printer paper and tried to take it down before I lost the lighting.

I'm working on one or two more sketches but I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish them. Keep an eye out and I'll keep practicing!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Expanding practice

It's a good thing this blog is mainly for my own personal experimentation. I can only imagine how frustrating all the changes and dry spells would be for anyone else paying attention. Sorry imaginary reader! Anyway, I wanted to expand what I posted. I want to not only include on this blog the silly bits of narrative that I randomly work on, but also some other silly bits of drawing that I attempt. Having taken only one 'Introduction to Art' class in college I cannot feign any skill. Instead, these sketches are purely for me. Just for me to learn, experiment and explore, so even if you can do way better please don't rub my nose in it.

Who knows, maybe this blog will end up being a smorgasbord of arts and crafts attempts. Maybe my short attention span will one day bring another facet of exploration. For now, I hope I can make some progress with my pencil.